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Fakultät für Informatik

Proseminar: Duality of Static and Dynamic Program Analysis: Towards Hybrid Analysis?

LSF: 040604
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This proseminar will be given in German.


Program analysis is the scientific field where programs are the subject of study. Its goal is to show evidence for certain properties of the program under test. For example, we can show that data successfully reaches its goal in the program or that sensitive data does not flow to places in the program where it can leak to the public. 

Program analysis comes in two distinct flavors: Static program analysis where the program is analyzed without executing it and dynamic program analysis where the program is executed in a controlled manner and observed during that execution. These worlds are evolving independently for the most part but in the last couple of years, interesting work connecting both was published. 

In this seminar, we will inspect scientific works in this interesting and emerging area and will discuss the possibilities of hybrid analysis. To be fair: It won't work if we stay clear of formal definitions, so don't be afraid to read Greek letters and equations. But don't worry, we will take it one step at a time. 


The proseminar will be held in the form of a "discussion seminar". All seminar participants meet every two weeks for a session in which, after a short introduction, a specific topic is freely discussed. For each session, corresponding papers have to be worked through, which are announced in advance. For each paper, a seminar participant prepares a short presentation (~10 min), which is presented to the seminar at the beginning of the corresponding session. The final grade for the proseminar evaluates the quality of the discussion contributions, the short presentation as well as a short written paper, which has to be prepared at the end of the seminar.